Xiaomi WCJ02ZM 20W Qi Car Wireless Charger

Xiaomi WCJ02ZM 20W Qi Car Wireless Charger! Прямо сейчас лучшая цена $29.79 на Banggood.

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Banggood ($29.79)

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Цена без купона: $49.99
Купон 1 ($29.79): BGqcarh
Купон 2 ($31.99): BGWCJqi
Купон 3 ($32.99): BGcarqi7
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$29.79 – Лучшая цена за все время!


– 81.5mm width for most devices,
– Dual cooling multiple safety,
– 2.5D glass with blue ring light,
– 20W max quick charging,
– Gifts Cable and USB Car Charger

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